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About Pars Kandoo

 Pars Kandoo Honey Company was established in 1352 in Khansar.
With more than half a century of brilliant history, Pars Kandoo is proud that for the first time in the country, it has produced and packaged all types of honey with a very high purity percentage and premium quality (medicinal honey) and all bee products under the Pars Kondo brand. .

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Why Pars Kandoo?

Honey is one of the purest wildlife foods and is more than just a natural sweetener. So that it is a complete food with wonderful properties for health. Honey has countless positive effects on our body and is an active biological product, which has rich and complex compounds. Pars Kendo extra virgin honey, (100% natural honey is a suitable substitute for whole food and artificial sweeteners) Pars Kendo honey with sucrose below 5% can be a very suitable food for diabetic patients. Soothing wounds and burns, relieving insomnia and one of the best medicines to prevent corona and strengthen the body's immune system are among the wonderful properties of honey.

To produce the extra virgin honey of Pars Kandoo, the bee feeds a mixture of nectar from different flowers. It should be noted that this product has HACCP certificate and by Accredited laboratoriesBy monitoring the work of beekeepers regularly, Pars Kandoo Company tries to bring original and high-quality honey to you dear friends.

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