Types of honey

Types of honey

Acacia honey

Acacia honey is one of the best types of honey. This type of honey has a lighter color than normal honey and looks almost transparent, it has a flowery and sweet aroma. Acacia honey is high in fructose and low in glucose, so it is one of the few honeys that most diabetics can safely consume.

Acacia honey is rich in flavonoids. Antioxidants are believed to help fight heart disease and even some types of cancer. It is also effective against a number of resistant bacteria because its ingredients slowly release hydrogen peroxide (an acid that breaks down bacterial cell walls). Some people also use acacia honey as a treatment or prevention for acne and other skin diseases due to its antibacterial power.

Konar Honey

Konar honey or cedar honey is one of the most nutritious honeys you can eat. Honey is tonic and energizing and activates the memory and growth of children. Honey is a laxative for bile and suppresses body heat, it is effective and relieves cramps. Honey removes gastric and intestinal worms and is useful for hot-tempered people. Konar honey is useful for intestinal ailments and ulcers, for smallpox, rubella, and thirst. Other healing properties of honey are besides that it is useful for weakness of organs, strengthening hair, preventing hair loss, strengthening nerves and dissolving warm swellings.

Thyme honey

Thyme honey comes from the plant and bee pollination on thyme flowers; In fact, this honey is obtained from the processing of the nectar of thyme flowers by bees, which cures many diseases and contains vitamins B, A and E.
Among the properties of thyme honey, we can mention the improvement of shortness of breath and asthma, improvement of cough and sore throat, improvement of joint pain, improvement of headache and migraine.

Gavan Honey

In Iran, there are more than 200 species that usually grow in steppe and mountain areas. Goon plant itself has many properties such as preventing colds, eliminating respiratory infections, allergies, reducing fatigue and sleep disorders, eliminating anemia and strengthening the immune system.
Now, in spite of all these properties in the Gavan plant, surely the honey that is produced from the nectar of this plant will have unique healing properties among the types of honey. Gavan honey has a mild, soft and calm aroma and taste, and for this reason, among all honeys, it is most liked by customers and mostly women. The amount of sucrose in Gavan honey is usually 1 or less than 1%. With this amount of sucrose, it will be useful for all herbal medicines and diabetic patients.
Gavan honey is energizing and strengthens the brain and nerves and memory; It is also very useful for anemia.
Other properties of Gavan Honey can be mentioned in the following cases:

  • Chest, throat and larynx pains
  • Useful for hoarseness
  • Intestinal pain
  • Kidney pain
  • Bladder
  • Urinary tract
  • Treatment of stomach pain
  • laxative
  • Eye sores and eye pains
  • Eye conjunctivitis

Coriander Honey

Coriander honey is aromatic, tonic, appetizing, stomach tonic, relieves indigestion, windbreaker, breast softener, useful for fever, useful for infectious diseases such as: measles and smallpox. Coriander honey is useful for cough and cold. Coriander honey is also a pain reliever, sedative, sleep aid, useful for colds and muscle spasms, milk booster and detoxifier. Among the other healing properties of coriander honey that can be mentioned is that it is very useful for rheumatic fevers, shortness of breath, mouth sores. Coriander honey is also hypnotic and is useful for mouth sores, strengthening gums, bile, and intestinal and pancreas discomfort.