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Why Pars Kandoo?

Pars Kandoo company has been with you since 1352 until now. Using the HACCP quality control management system It adheres to its commitments in providing the best services and products, and we hope that we will continue to have the honor of serving you dear ones for years to come. For a natural and pure product, we are obliged to provide you with the best, our effort is to sell the best and highest quality bee products with warranty, test sheet and reasonable price, which will satisfy everyone. More dear customers.

Currently, Pars Kandoo Honey consists of a powerful team in the fields of research, production, development, design, packaging, sales and training. A team that will undoubtedly work hard for the sustainability and progress of this collection with the support and support of your dear ones.

Khansar Honey - عسل خوانسار

روزهای شیرین با یک پارسی دیرین

Khansar is a city with a very pleasant climate with an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level and diverse vegetation and fruit trees such as walnuts, almonds, plums and apples in the plains and beautiful gardens of Cheshme Sar and Golsar along with agricultural lands and Golestankoh plain where tulips bloom It is world famous.

Khansar honey is a natural and very famous product in Iran. The existence of the Govan plant has made the ground for bee breeding as well as the production of various types of honey, four plants, etc. So that Khansar plays an important role in honey production in Isfahan province and also in Iran.

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Why Pars Kandoo Honey ?

Extra virgin honey from Pars Kandoo

Honey is one of the purest wildlife foods and is more than just a natural sweetener. So that it is a complete food with wonderful properties for health. Honey has countless positive effects on our body and is an active biological product, which has rich and complex compounds. Pars Kendo extra virgin honey, (100% natural honey is a suitable substitute for whole food and artificial sweeteners) Pars Kendo honey with sucrose below 5% can be a very suitable food for diabetic patients. Soothing wounds and burns, relieving insomnia and one of the best medicines to prevent corona and strengthen the body's immune system are among the wonderful properties of honey.

To produce the extra virgin honey of Pars Kandoo, the bee feeds a mixture of nectar from different flowers. It should be noted that this product has HACCP certificate and by Accredited laboratoriesBy monitoring the work of beekeepers regularly, Pars Kandoo Company tries to bring original and high-quality honey to you dear friends.

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Khansar Honey



Your frequently asked questions

لطفا سوالات زیر را بخوانید و اگر پاسخ خود را پیدا نکردید، با ما در ارتباط باشید، در اسرع وقت به شما پاسخ خواهیم داد.

In short, the story is that when the bee collects the nectar of the plants, the nectar thickens with its saliva and the enzymes it adds to it. The enzymes that the bee adds to the nectar cause sugars such as sucrose, which are difficult to dissolve in water, to become fructose and glucose, which dissolve much better with a smaller volume in water. This makes the bees have a smaller but more nutritious food that appears as sugar. As a result, the final product is a highly saturated solution of sugar, which is called honey.

No, although natural honey causes sugar, the opposite is not true and it cannot be said that every honey that causes sugar is definitely natural. Even if the bee is artificially fed with sugar or glucose, there is still a possibility that the honey will become sugary.

Nutritional benefits of natural honey

natural honey In order to facilitate better absorption and resistance to bruising, especially in the case of physical activities, it creates strong resistance; It also causes greater intellectual efficiency. Therefore, healthy and sick people need it to treat any type of weakness, especially in cases of digestion or absorption of food in the body. In addition, it increases the growth of babies, stabilizes the amount of bone calcium, helps treat anemia and anorexia.

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Types of honey

Types of honey

Acacia honey Acacia honey is one of the best types of honey. This type of honey has a lighter color than normal honey and is almost transparent