How to recognize natural honey?

عسل طبیعی را چگونه بشناسیم

The easiest way to recognize the naturalness of honey is to buy from reputable sellers or visit quality control laboratories. Some people measure the moisture level of honey by turning the honey jar and the speed of the bubble rising and falling inside the jar, and some people measure it by the amount of honey stretching.

But these methods are not accurate and reliable. In addition to its special sweetness, natural honey also has a special taste. So that artificial honeys do not have this type of taste. In addition, it should be noted that natural honey is cloudy, contrary to the belief of many people, and the reason for this is the presence of diastases, minerals, etc.

Of course, each of these methods alone cannot record the purity of honey.

Natural honey is very difficult to obtain. So that in order to obtain 1 kilo of honey, the bee must carry nectar 120,000 to 150,000 times and to provide this nectar, it must visit 10,000,000 flowers and travel a distance equivalent to 5 times around the globe.